Episode 1 - All Aboard The 8th Edition Hype Train


Welcome to a brand new Warhammer 40K podcast, with 8th Edition a mere two weeks away we've decided it to be the best time to jump on board and start doing a podcast.

In this episode, we cover the 40K items that are going up for preorder tomorrow (June 3rd) while also discussing Mike's recent trip to Warhammer Fest. We cover our hobby progress in the lead up to 8th along with giving a brief history of our wargaming background.

Chalmers is brand new to the game, having attempted to play about 4-5 games of previous editions he hopes the streamlined 8th Edition will be version to jump into. Meanwhile Mike has been playing for quite a few years now so hopefully as the game launches we'll get varied feelings from two completely different perspectives.

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